How We Price Boats

We believe our customers are entitled to respect when it comes to pricing. We want to put our best foot forward on every boat we sell and offer up the best price upfront.

That means you should be able to find the price on almost every boat for sale on our lot. No hidden fees, no games and no gimmicks. Honesty and integrity is our code and mission.

When we decided to price our entire inventory, we knew the price had to be right to interest buyers. The boat prices include the freight to our dealership and our dealer preparation costs. Again, no hidden fees.

If you are shopping other dealers please be sure the quotes you are getting includes these costs and compare similar options.

Our prices are aggressive and allow us to be one of the larger dealers in the U.S. for the brands we sell. We will not quote “list” prices or ask if you have a trade before we discount. If you are running into this as you shop around, come and shop us. We don’t care if you are a cash customer, trade, or financing, we want to earn your business.

Our price is the same when you trade. We are always after good used boats, but we will trade for cars, PWC’s, motorcycles, RV’s, tools and a variety of other things if it helps get you out on the water. Ask, you might be surprised what we will trade for.

Our salespeople are seasoned marine professionals and have one mission: get you into the right boat that fits your needs at the BEST PRICE POSSIBLE!

We will always listen to reasonable offers, just please keep in mind our aggressive pricing policy allows for very little wiggle room.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience and remember, the manager is at the store all the time and always available to help our customers. Please stop in and let us offer you the deal you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to get on the water and start enjoying yourself.

Thank you! We look forward to seeing you soon!